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July 2015 ( 16 posts found )

How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

"Please describe yourself" is the most common question in any interview. It can make you think a lot more than you really should. Simple as it may seem, "… Read more

5 Ways Volunteering can Benefit You

While volunteering, you can develop new skills, network and gain a new perspective on your life. So, how about if we learn some of the benefits of volunte… Read more

Building Workplace Relationships through Social Media

Social media has many benefits, ranging for personal to professional benefits. The impact of social media in the workplace is increasing quite a lot as we… Read more

5 Tips for Developing Employee Relations

An employee relation is the manner in which the management addresses and interacts with the staff members and also the clients. Maintaining good employee … Read more

5 Important Steps in Career Planning

A successful career planning helps you to build the best path for many opportunities and progress. There can be many choices, however choosing the best is… Read more

5 Effective Ways to Cope with Job Stress & Burnout

Nearly all of us experience work-related stress, whether it’s the tension of dealing with an unpleasant colleague or just the fact that there is too much … Read more

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