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SAARC Business Association of Home Based Workers

Trading - Export / Import / Merchandising
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SABAH Nepal is a community based social-business organization which works towards strengthening the livelihoods of financially deprived and marginalized home-based workers (HBW)/artisans of Nepal. By enhancing and utilizing their own indigenous skills, SABAH Nepal helps in improving their economic opportunities and also conserving Nepal's heritage and craftsmanship.

Despite their inherited and/or acquired skills, HBWs are deprived of equal opportunity compared to their urban counterparts to grow professionally. They have less opportunities to participate in the market economy.  The problems range from the lack of access to market, market information and inadequate managerial technical skills. If the skills of these HBWs are properly channelized into entrepreneurship through provision of appropriate and cost-effecting business development support services it has potential impact on rural economy in terms of generating employment and increasing income.  SABAH Nepal is also helping women HBWs to strengthen their leadership skills, interpersonal skills, dialogue and negotiation skills to cope the biased gender norms that impede their overall growth. SABAH Nepal is focussed both on social and economic empowerment of women HBWs who are invisible, voiceless and unheard in the mainstream of the society and country.

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