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RHYTHM Neuropsychiatry Hospital and Research Center

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Mental, emotional problems, mental   illness, loneliness, frustrations, stressful life, drugs and alcohol abuse, migration for better income and partially supported family structure are increasing in Nepal. 

Existing Neuropsychiatric services are more focused in clinical OPD services, based solely on mental illness as a problem and  medications as a part of solution without addressing psychological and support based system. Infact many people may not have mental illness but have problems and issues in life. They may have break-up or relationship problems, humiliation, anger, low self esteem, shyness, and neglect, difficulty concentrating , memory and sexual issues and many more where they need help. They have coped with their problems by dropping from schools, going into drugs, alcohol, clubs, fighting and behavioral disturbances and landing in further problems. These are handled in rehab centers and prison which lacks expertise. The area of overlap of neurology and psychiatry eg Headaches, sexual problems, epilepsy and seizure disorders, tiredness, sleep disturbances,  weakness, personality changes, memory disturbances  are treated without  team work of Neurologist and Neuropsychiatrist. Therefore there is a need for holistic care system focusing on problems and illness under same roof.

Rhythm neuropsychiatry hospital is a specialized 25 bedded hospital focusing on comprehensive aspect of care ranging from psychiatric and psychological services, dealing with emotional issues, strengthening personality, de addiction services (drugs and alcohol) and allied neurological services under single umbrella with well qualified team. We exist to bridge this gap, to provide quality services of all under a single umbrella to bring back rhythm of your life.

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