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Machhapuchchhre School was established by a prominent group of educators in 1995 A.D. A visionary personality Dr. Binod Prasad Yadav took over the school in October 2015 and explored the possibility of initiating world class education in the country. Dr. Yadav formed a strong team of capable people to run the school. The school guarantees the fulfillment of the requirements of 21st century education.

At present the school runs a program from Grade one through ten within the framework of Nepal Government’s National curriculum.  The school is an independent entity aiming to be a socially responsible and academically excellent institution.

Why Machhapuchchhre School

Nepal lacks good schools. Parents are struggling to find safe, dignified and respectful learning environment in schools. The country has very limited number of good schools and the demand is unlimited. This has made parents send their children abroad at a very young age. The separation from the family can have repercussions on children’s social and emotional well being. Machhapuchchhre School commits to educate children differently. The School values children’s social life and creates an environment to make them responsible citizens. The purpose of the School is to provide high quality education at affordable fees.

Our vision

The Machhapuchchhre team sees the school as “The School for Change Makers”.

The school prepares children to become a leader in life. It helps children become a critical and creative thinker and a problem solver. The school respects the diversity of its community.

Our guiding Philosophy

The school aims to create a positive, secure, and cheerful learning environment where the children are nurtured to achieve their full potentials allowing them to become responsible citizens later in life, and to give back to society.

The school incorporates the following approaches to teaching in its education system.

Progressive Approach to Education (PAE)

Developing Capable People (DCP)

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Machhapuchchhre School

Documentation Officer

Machhapuchchhre School

Kusunti, Lalitpur
Key Skills: Technical Presentation Administrative Problem Solving Behavioral Logical Thinking Critical Thinking Creative Thinking
Machhapuchchhre School

Finance Manager

Machhapuchchhre School

Kusunti, Lalitpur
Key Skills: Logical Thinking Accounting Administrative Presentation Business Intelligence
Machhapuchchhre School

Secondary Level Mathematics Tea…

Machhapuchchhre School

Kusunti, Lalitpur
Key Skills: Presentation
Our Curriculum

Machhapuchchhre School has developed a versatile and balanced curriculum within the framework of the Nepal Government’s National Curriculum. The school delivers this curriculum through progressive approach which connects the students’ learning to life and real world. The school has created learning environment to support the school’s approach to education.

We shall abide by our beliefs:

  • We consider the school as a part of life; community is an extension of the classroom.
  • We treat children as active learner, problem solvers and planners
  • We develop teachers as facilitators.
  • We believe parents are the primary teachers, goal setters and planners.
  • We assure that knowledge is constructed through play, direct experience, and social interaction.
  • We focus on children’s questions and inquiry in our Instructional activities.
  • We evaluate students through learning benchmark.
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