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We are driven by the desire to demonstrate that application of latest technologies can offer innovative ways to achieve the sustainable prosperity and development. Here at Thee-GO we dream and think of ‘Innovation in Sustainability’.

Every day we hear and learn about the most pressing problem of today’s world like climate change, environment degradation, uncontrolled population growth and their endless impacts on humanity. These problems and often referred as side products of industrialization, transportation, technological encroachment and rightly so. All of these are here to address the short term needs of people but completely eclipses their long term impact and ignores the need of sustainability.

We know it is very daunting task to sacrifice the short term need and comfort for long term sustainability. It is a high time that we seriously think and find better ways. Each of us at Thee- Go are firm believer that there is a solution to every problem. We are in a path to contribute towards this novel cause by introducing innovation to achieve sustainability.

Innovating for sustainability involves making intentional changes to organizational products or processes that produce environmental and or social benefits as well as economic value. Sustainability is an integral part of our strategic plan and woven into the roles of the different departments. Investing in innovation requires patience, focus and expertise.

To achieve our goals we have ventured into generation and distribution of sustainable energy using renewable sources and techniques, introduction of clean and green electric vehicles for rental services, charging stations for electric vehicles.

Thee- Go has three companies FGE, G&G and SRIBIT which share its values and work towards common goal of sustainability.

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