Common Career Related Myths Busted

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Our country is plagued with numerous myths related to job-searching and career, - that often tends to push individuals in the wrong path, and take wrong actions. To avoid falling prey to such misconceptions, here are a few common myths that we have busted:  

1. “Career Assessment Test will tell me what Career is Right for me.”

Career assessment only provides a general idea about your career interests and aids in career planning. They don’t find you the perfect career match. Only you know what's best for yourself. Any type of career assessment is only good to the extent of giving you insights and is not in itself a complete solution.

2. “People only get a job through contacts and nepotism.”

Most employers want the best-fit employees in their organizations and not someone who is simply referred by friends or family. Employees cost money to the company, and they don’t want to simply give jobs to incompetent people. Also, with the growing efficiency of the internet, job seekers can apply for a job with just the click of a button, from anywhere around the globe. Job searching and recruitment has thus become increasingly efficient.

merojob is helping the young generation of Nepal by breaking the trend of nepotism. If someone has the required skills and meet the job requirements, they no longer need to go talk to people in a high post for a job.  All they have to be is competent enough to apply for the job.

3. “There is no job in my country.”

This may be true if you lack marketable skills. Getting into the work you want can be challenging and competitive, but opportunities still exist. We have ample job opportunities in our country and the salaries are also improving dramatically. Many industries and organization are experiencing major labor shortages, and there is an increasing demand for fresh talent. The problem with the youth today is that they don’t want to start at the bottom. They are more bothered more about immediately making money, rather than looking at the bigger picture in moving progressively towards a lucrative career.

4. “Everyone has a solid understanding of careers in the world except me. I am the only one who is confused”

Almost everyone is confused at the start, and even seemingly successful people who are half-way through their careers sometimes feel confused. People's knowledge of careers and jobs is often incomplete. We get confused about which career to pursue because there are so many options out there, and each one looks confusing. Many of us are not aware of all the responsibilities and duties associated with our desired jobs. It’s okay to get confused and feel lost too. Everyone eventually learns about their interests and career paths.

5. “The best place for me to start looking for an occupation is where employers are doing lots of hiring right now.”

The economy and job market fluctuate constantly. A hot job today may not be in demand tomorrow. Just because a career has a very good job outlook currently, doesn't mean that it is the right choice for you. Job outlook should not be the only factor to evaluate when making career decisions. A career path should be selected more by evaluating internal factors such as your skills and interests, rather than external factors such as job outlook and industry success.

Many of these myths distract us from making good decisions. It's time to stop accepting such lies, and start getting real.

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