5 Reasons You Don’t Have a Job

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You go through lots of interviews, prepare for it, make your resume best and do many researches, but at the end you cannot identify the reason why you have been rejected over other candidates. The truth is if you are being rejected for those jobs in which you are interested in is just because you are not qualified or the problem is most likely in you. Interviewers don’t really ask many questions, but still you don’t get selected, then there are some questions to be asked to yourself why you don’t have a job.

Here are 5 most important reasons for it:

You Aren’t Serious About What You Want
The first thing to get any job is to set a plan. A job search without certain purpose is of no use. If you are not passionate about the job search you want then you can never get a job. Be determined and go through online job portals or newspapers. You will come across many of your choice. But if you don’t know what kind of job you want, then you will never land on a job.

Your Resume Didn’t Reflect Who You Are
None of your important information should be missed while writing a resume. Your contact information, educational background, experiences, career objectives, accomplishments and achievements should be added while preparing a resume. Information that you provide must be related to the job you are applying for.

You Are Not Good in Interview
Don’t take interview as an easy task, its one of the important steps to get the job. Be prepared for the questions that you think will be asked even for those which you don’t expect. Be communicative and ask questions about the company or even the individual. Do researches about the company; check their Facebook and LinkedIn account and other sources.

You Don’t Network Enough
Don’t limit your search. It’s the generation of technology to every job site. Make connections and meet people related to your field. Make more job preference, limiting yourself only in one job will never let you have an advantage. If you can give your resume to every possible company, there is a probability to get hired.

You Go For Big Name
Aim high, but never stop if you don’t reach there quickly. You want to work for a big company with a name but you don’t have .. In that case start from the grass root level. For instance, a big company posted vacancy and you have applied. However, with your much effort you will never be found among the most experienced. So, start from the ground level and then try shooting the star.

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